Secret Chat App 'ringID' Will Self Destruct Your Messages
27th July, 2015

If you have ever wanted to send self-incriminating texts (Yes, I ate all the doughnuts and I’m not sorry!) without leaving the evidence, then a new social networking platform has your back. Called ringID, the messaging app has a unique “Secret Chat” feature that lets you deliver a message and then has the message disappear from the recipient’s phone.

“Nowadays people are constantly sending messages back and forth with friends and loved ones,” said Ayrin Islam, Founder and CEO of ringID, in a statement. “Sometimes you just want to send a message and have it be read quickly and then disappear, leaving no trace. With ringID’s new Secret Chat option, the sender decides how long their message will appear on their friends’ phone. It’s quick, fun, and messages don’t linger, so there are no lasting consequences.”

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