• Forget Unbundling, ringID Brings the Most Powerful Mobile Messaging and Social Features Together
    ringID, a new social-messaging platform, publicly unveils its Android, Windows, and iOS apps. ringID gives users a plethora of tools to share and communicate on one unique platform.

    Unlike many other pared-down social and messaging apps on the market, ringID built a robust and multi-featured social-messaging platform for the mobile world. The app combines a social newsfeed with a messaging and VoIP platform, giving users the perfect mix of communications options.   Read More
  • Reasons Why ringID is the True Jack of All Trades!
    As an app geek, I find interest in searching and downloading new applications designed for Android, iOS and Windows. These days, users do prefer reading reviews on apps before they decide to use them. Recently I have come across an app named ringID and found lots of interesting features and hereby going to share my positive experience with you.

    While I was simply browsing the Play Store, I saw an orange vibrant logo “ringID”, a pleasant and catchy color that immediately caught my attention. I tapped on it for finding out further details regarding this app, surprisingly it was impressive enough and I downloaded it. Moreover, the developers tried to reach users of all operating system; as a result, this app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones, the 3 major platforms.   Read More
  • RingID offers low bandwidth VOIP on Windows Phone
    Secure messaging app ringID has announced the addition of HD Video capabilities and music sharing and streaming, optimized for low-bandwidth situations, often found in the country side, emerging markets and even crowded events.

    ringID brings HD quality video to its ensemble of communication features, allowing users to video chat with friends and family, message their contacts short clips, and post videos on their timelines that their friends can like, comment on, and share.   Read More
  • 6 Back-to-School Tools You Need To Know About
    September is right around the corner and, for students and their parents, this signals the start of the back-to-school season. For some parents, this is a moment of celebration. For many students, this is a sad time; a time when they have to say goodbye to friends and to taking it easy during the summer months.

    The idea of going back to school is radically different for students of different ages. For younger students, it generally means sitting in class all day. College students, on the other hand, have various social activities to look forward to on campus.   Read More
  • New Android, iOS, Windows Versions of ringID Provide Host of New Features
    There isn't really a shortage of options when it comes to social messaging platform, but sometimes new options emerge that are done so well, they’re hard to ignore. One such release is ringID, and for those who want to consolidate their social networking needs, this just might be the weapon of choice.

    Recently unveiled for Android, Windows and iOS users, the new ringID platform not only offers up a social newsfeed operation, but combines this with a messaging system and a complete voice over internet protocol(VoIP) option, bringing together the ability to not only find out what the news of the day is, but to discuss that news all from the same platform.   Read More
  • Social Networking App ringID Offers Secret Chat for Disappearing Messages
    Social networking app ringID has officially launched on iOS and Android devices, bringing with it a ‘secret chat’ feature for sending messages which disappear from the recipient’s phone.

    The ringID app allows users to enter custom status messages on their profile, and once they connect with friends, friends’ statuses are viewed on the app’s home feed. Here, users can post likes or comments on each status message, like one might on Facebook.   Read More