• In the war between social apps and messengers, ringID wants to play peacemaker
    Messaging is without a doubt one of the most important areas of the tech industry that has seen a major revolution in the age of mobile. With the rise of apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and so many others, it’s clear that messaging has become one of the main forms of communication available. With younger users, the change is even more pronounced as messaging has replaced calls as the main form of communication for many users.   Read More
  • Latest Social Networking App RingID Is Making Waves All Over

    We are experiencing the age of social networking today and the latest social networking app ringID appears to be a strong candidate in the social networking industry and is already making waves all over the world. Designed & developed by Montreal-based Ring Inc., the app facilitates seamless virtual communication all around the world and that too, for free. It was launched last year in July with a host of amazing features. In 2016, another version was launched with the much coveted video calling facility. RingID is compatible with all popular platforms including Android, iOS, Windows, Web & Desktop.
    Let’s have a look at the splendid features of this app.

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  • RingID brings low bandwidth Video chat to Windows Phone
    Secure messaging app ringID has announced the addition of HD Video capabilities and music sharing and streaming, optimized for low-bandwidth situations, often found in the country side, emerging markets and even crowded events.

    ringID brings HD quality video to its ensemble of communication features, allowing users to video chat with friends and family, message their contacts short clips, and post videos on their timelines that their friends can like, comment on, and share.   Read More
  • Spotlight: ringID messenger promises quality HD video calls over slow connections
    So you find yourself at a concert and your favorite song is about to come in. You want to make a video call and share the awesomeness with your friends who couldn't come over. You know how this goes, right? The network over the venue is congested, because everyone there is trying to connect (except for that one guy who looks down on everyone raising their smartphone in the air.) Your attempt is futile.

    Enter ringID, a messenger app on the rise that promises successful HD video streaming over low bandwidth connections, whether in a crowded event, or out in the countryside. The latest update brought HD quality video to its array of communication features, letting users make video chats with friends and family, message their contacts with short clips, and post videos on their timelines that their friends can like, comment, and share.   Read More
  • Forget Unbundling, ringID Brings the Most Powerful Mobile Messaging and Social Features Together
    ringID, a new social-messaging platform, publicly unveils its Android, Windows, and iOS apps. ringID gives users a plethora of tools to share and communicate on one unique platform.

    Unlike many other pared-down social and messaging apps on the market, ringID built a robust and multi-featured social-messaging platform for the mobile world. The app combines a social newsfeed with a messaging and VoIP platform, giving users the perfect mix of communications options.   Read More
  • Reasons Why ringID is the True Jack of All Trades!
    As an app geek, I find interest in searching and downloading new applications designed for Android, iOS and Windows. These days, users do prefer reading reviews on apps before they decide to use them. Recently I have come across an app named ringID and found lots of interesting features and hereby going to share my positive experience with you.

    While I was simply browsing the Play Store, I saw an orange vibrant logo “ringID”, a pleasant and catchy color that immediately caught my attention. I tapped on it for finding out further details regarding this app, surprisingly it was impressive enough and I downloaded it. Moreover, the developers tried to reach users of all operating system; as a result, this app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones, the 3 major platforms.   Read More